Use Healthy Sunscreen Daily to Protect your Skin from Aging


It is a myth that refuses to die – you only need to wear sunscreen when you are outdoors for an extended period of time. The truth is the UV rays will affect you even for short periods of time. This is why it is recommended to wear a daily sunscreen and that protects your skin, preferably ones that are a healthy sunscreen that have zinc oxide and titanium. Not only will you have softer skin that is hydrated, you will reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Many people wish they could turn back time when they look into the mirror. They don’t like the wrinkles and fine lines, but assume they are just part of getting older or genetics. What you do with your skin early in life can influence how it looks down the road. The use a natural sunscreen that is the one way to win the battle against aging skin.

Colder Weather and Cloudy Days

There are a large number of people who only physical sunscreen when it is sunny and hot that does not cause breakouts or irritation to their skin. They don’t think they need it on cooler days or when it is overcast. This is a mistake that can cause you to be at a higher risk of skin cancer as well as increase the risk of aging skin. Studies show the UV rays still shine through, and you can even get sunburned on a cloudy day!

Everyone needs sunscreen including children and adults. Choosing a healthy sunscreen is even more important when it comes to adultescent and baby skin. Many adults feel that they have already been overexposed so it is too late to change anything. Even if you haven’t been wearing what you think is the best sunscreen regularly, you can change that. Put the product where you will see it and you can apply it in the morning. Keep extra in your car, pursue, and other convenient locations so you can always reach for it.

Using Sunscreen Lotion as Makeup Primer

Most women wear makeup daily, but underneath it you should be applying a mineral sunscreen. While some cosmetics state they have SPF in them, the SPF typically isn’t enough to offer enough protection. A common complaint by women is the products can make their skin feel greasy and increase acne. They don’t want their face to look shiny either.

Find a good quality sunscreen that is thicker and won’t make you feel greasy when you apply it. A thin layer is all you need before you apply your regular makeup products. This extra step takes just a minute each day so it isn’t hard at all to add to your daily routine.

Base Tan with the Best Sun Cream

You aren’t protected from the harm of UV rays on your skin because you have a base tan. That information continues to circulate but there is no truth to it. The more your skin is exposed to UV rays, the higher risk you have of both cancer and aging skin. UV rays will dry out the skin so make sure you drink plenty of water and use soap products that moisturize the skin.

It isn’t just those with fair skin that are at risk either. Individuals with darker skin also need to apply sunblock daily. The darker pigment may prevent the skin from turning red and getting burned, but it won’t offer any protection from the UV rays.

Vitamin D Debate

There is no question your body needs vitamin D. You can get it from food, supplements, and from sunlight. While it is good for you to be exposed to some sunlight regularly in order to give your body the Vitamin D it requires, you have to do it safely. There is no reason why you should gain one benefit but then put your skin at risk of cancer and looking older. Find the balance by applying healthy sunscreen with a good moisturizer.